InteriorDesign project

Just as in nature the beauty of form and color is conditioned by expediency and is in a state of mobile harmony, so the interior design of an apartment with elements of functionalism corresponds to the character of its owners.

Apartment in Riga, for a young couple, the interior of the apartment became lighter, that positively affects the emotional background. Made redevelopment, extending the useful space of the apartment.

The bathroom was originally divided into two rooms - a toilet and a bathroom, but for to make the room more functional, where they spend a lot of time, we decided to combine them into one.

We increased the doorway, that makes the entrance to the bathroom more spacious and comfortable. Instead of a bath, a shower was installed in the cabin, which at times increased the space inside the bathroom. Opposite the shower there is a washing area with a large and convenient storage system in which the washing machine is hidden. Didn't forget about the mirror, a large mirror visually increased our room.

Light in the bathroom will no longer limit the owners of the apartment. We made a separate and more convenient energy-saving lighting for the common area of ​​the room and separately in a place above the sink.

To design the entire bathroom was chosen mate tile, which recreates the surface of the modern urban material - primed concrete really good for courageous and confident people. Anti-slip surface tiles cause safety. At the same time, there is a lot of air and light in the room, which makes it absolutely comfortable.