Made with love

2009. Photo Academy Exhibition of the Year “Love in the Objective“
2009. Radio Naba Photo Exhibition “7x7“
2010. Photo Academy 5th Anniversary Exhibition “Life like a miracle“
2010. Latvian Academy of Arts, 72nd carnival, “Black and White Planet“ Photo Exhibition
2012. International Photo Exhibition "World through child's eye"

2005. Competition: Creating Logotype for “The Week of Europe 2005“measures, Riga
2005. Photo Competition “Why it’s worth to live and work in Latvia?“, Riga
2008. National photo festival “Spring in Latvia“, Riga
2008. Radio NABA Photo Competition “Broadcast“, Riga
2009. National photo festival “Spring in Latvia“, Riga
2009. EDEN photo competition, European Commission,
2009. MINI Space Design competition,
2009. Radio NABA Photo Competition “Ether“, Riga
2011. “Olaine city crest“ competition, Riga
2011. Bring Your Photography to Life, presented by blurb+Behance
2011. Print Art Award. Print and design work competition, Riga
2011. World Photography Awards, photo competition, International
2011. Latvian Stamp Design Competition, Riga
2012. Latvian Best Logo Competition, Riga
2012. Photo Competition "MY MALEVICH". Riga
2015. Competition "Logotype for Riga". Riga